Natural or Chemically Treated

The Au Naturale Craz! Is it better than chemically treated hair? We are debating which is better. Is it going all natural without chemicals and using products that can enhance the hair in a natural way? Or having processed hair with relaxers, color or perms? Whichever you prefer, can you still keep the hair healthy? Which is better?
We have reentered an era where natural hair has returned. In the 1970’s, women embraced their natural hair, what most would refer to as the ” Afro” over processed hair. This look also signified that women were no longer changing how they looked to conform to what society thought was beautiful. Now we are in 2013, and women are going back to embracing their natural curl. Not because it is a form of rebellion against a bias society but merely because most think its healthier. But is it? The answer to this question is YES and NO. There is no one answer to this question. When you have chemically treated hair, it is easier to manage but you are prone to a lot of different problems. Same as natural hair, but do not be alarmed. As professional stylists, we are here to tell you that it is all in how you CARE for the hair.
When you are natural you are definitely more at risk with experiencing dryness versus be chemically treated you experience more breakage because the hair has been chemically altered from its natural curl and usually there’s a better chance at overprocessing. A lot of people seem to believe that when you are free of chemicals, the hair is easier to manage. People believe that because you are natural, there’s not much to do with your hair. Of course you’re natural,there’s not much you can do to the hair…shampoo, condition and style. You are absolutely wrong. When keeping the hair natural and keeping it at its best, you should be getting regular hair trims. Split ends are deadly.This is important because when the hair is coiled or has its natural curl, it is more difficult to notice spilt ends travel up the hair shaft because the natural coil goes in so many directions.You should also receive regular conditioning treatments because remember, dryness is one of the major plagues we experience when natural.
Now when you have relaxed hair, you deal with breakage usually because of overprocessing, dryness and split ends. Dealing with split ends is not as difficult because the hair has been altered and straightened. So its easier to see split ends travel up the hair shaft, its only going in one direction. When you are chemically treated it is important to get regular hair trims, conditioning treatments and most importantly limit the amount of use of heated tools.The ultimate goal, whether natural or chemically treated, is to keep the hair healthy at all times. See a professional as often as possible to help with guidance and education.

The most important lesson is to choose a style that best suits your personality and lifestyle. No one person is the same and that is what makes this world very unique. Expressing our individuality whether natural, relaxed or bald and being happy with it is priceless…

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