The Benefits of Steam Treating your Hair

The single constant in hair is this: hair NEEDS moisture. Hair without sufficient moisture is weak, brittle, crunchy, and dull. Everything about it is sad. Moisture itself boils down to one thing: water. Which brings us to the increasingly popular steam treatment. A steam treatment is exactly what it sounds like. You sit under a machine that looks like a hair dryer, but instead of hot air, steam comes out. The steam opens the cuticles of your hair, allowing it to absorb water and other products to it’s maximum potential. A 30-minute steam treatment can make all the difference in how your hair receives a deep conditioning, or even a new color. How else does it help your hair?

  • Moisture Retention- Moisturized hair is cooperative hair. It will hold the styles you want better and for longer periods of time. Take your twist out from 3 days to 7!
  • Curl Definition- You know that gorgeous curl pattern you have fresh out of the shower that disappears in a ball of frizz once your hair is dry? That’s moisture at work! This is why it’s so important to infuse your hair with moisture.
  • Hair Strength- Dry hair is brittle and weak. It breaks off when it’s manipulated. Moisture gives your hair the strength to bounce back to normal after it’s manipulated. This is the key to length retention.
There are multiple hair steamers on the market in a variety of price ranges. It is understandable that any healthy hair seeker may want to try the technique before making the investment, so visit All Dolled Up during the month of February to get a FREE steam treatment included in your service appointment. All you have to do is book your appointment with our Featured Stylist, Anthea Rolle.

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