The Styles of Rihanna: Rihanna the pop star’s top 10 hairstyles!

Rihanna has named Madonna as her idol and biggest influence, and said she wants to be the “black Madonna”.[153][154] She said: “I think that Madonna was a great inspiration for me, especially on my earlier work. If I had to examine her evolution through time, I think she reinvented her clothing style and music with success every single time. And at the same time remained a real force in entertainment in the whole world.”[153] She also cites Whitney Houston as a major influence and idol[155] Mariah Carey has also been cited as one of Rihanna’s influence and idol, whose song “Hero” she covered while performing at a school talent show.[156] Of Janet Jackson, Rihanna has commented that “[s]he was one of the first female pop icons that I could relate to .

Her many influences has lead to her trendsetting looks and fashion. We’ve honed in on her top hairstyles for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy Rihanna’s top 10 hair styles!

The Infamous Short Hawk!

We love this punk look with a heavy top!! Black is definitely a winner for her skin tone and attitude

Rihanna Red:
Red Curly with body!

Rihanna debuted  this curly red style some years back but caught the attention of the hair world! This really brought a more light hearted feel to the Rihanna brand. Loose curls always gives a kind of glam and royal look.

Cropped Full Crown

Rihanna has never been afraid of covering at least one of the eyes with a swoop or a bang. This is definitely a black hair favorite. That longer top could be worn on either side depending on your favorite instagram pose!

Black Mamba:
Short and Heavy!

This sexy black hair style with smoothly neat sides definitely added the diva touch to Ri Ri’s hair swag. We can’t help but say deadly fierce with this one! Black with the black eye was a perfect match .

Blonde Bombshell:
Blonde with Black Chunks

Rihanna switched it up with this one! We new she would have to take a shot at blonde’s one of these days. She wore it well with these looks. She keep it short and sweet with a touch of black chunks to keep it punk!

Dark and Lovely:
Short coif with warm red-browns

She smoothed the edges with this short but beautifully soft style. We can also see a hint of color in the top. This is the heart breaker Ri Ri we can easily fall in love with. This is a wearable favorite!

Shaute Cut!: Short Cropped Cut

The Latest release from Rihanna’s hair arsenal is this short hair cut. She’s taken it low on all sides. This is definitely a big style risk on her part joining the ranks of Halle Berry and Eva Marcille. I can’t wait to see where she takes it next.

SYMMETRY Chemistry:
Asymmetrical Bob

This is one of Rihanna’s biggest styles and took the industry by storm. It’s also one of her most flattering looks. It highlighted her best features and hid the rest! We loved it! Her pop star bob is a top favorite even today.

The Longest Yard:

Extreme Asymmetrical Long Layered Style with Shaved Sides

Ri isn’t afraid of anything. We saw the world take this dramatic change after Cassie’s big youtube run. Rihanna pulled this one off with usual fashion.

Two Face!:

Blonde crown with cropped black sides

Ri Ri took it short and left our favorite coif with a blonde twist. She really brought both sides together. We knew she had another personality. Here’s the good and the bad side in one bad ass style. Pop icon with iconic hair!!

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