What to know what healthy foods can help keep your hair healthy?

Top 6 Foods to Eat to Keep Your Hair Healthy
Aside from the obvious benefits of shampoo, conditioner and various hair treatments, there are also certain foods that you can eat to help you enjoy healthier and more beautiful hair.
Certain foods contain essential vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy hair; and eating these foods regularly can help you to keep your locks in the best possible condition. Experts say that if you begin eating them now, you can enjoy gorgeous hair within just six months or less.
Take a look at the following foods and ensure that you add them to your daily diet:
1. Red Meats – Many people avoid red meats for the obvious fat issues but studies have shown that an adequate amount of red meat in your diet will actually help your hair to grow thicker and stronger.
Iron in the meat is essential for optimal hair growth. If you have hair loss issues, eating red meat just three times each week can stop hair loss and prompt regrowth.
2. Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese is packed full of protein which is also essential for healthy hair. Note that you do not have to eat the fattiest cottage cheese. You can opt for the low-fat versions if you are also watching your fat intake to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Cottage cheese contains calcium as well, so it can also help your nails to grow longer and stronger, too.
3. Bananas – Bananas contain silica which is an essential mineral for helping the hair to grow thicker. Beer, raisins and oatmeal also contain this mineral so if you are not fond of bananas, you can find silica in other foods.
4. Eggs – Just like red meats, eggs are filled with iron. They also contain lots of Vitamin B which helps the hair to grow faster. Vitamin B is essential for a healthy scalp as well, which will ultimately cause your hair to be healthier. Not getting enough Vitamin B can cause hair to be brittle and break easily, so eat eggs at least a couple of times each week to keep your hair and scalp its healthiest.
5. Salmon – You have surely heard about all the good health qualities of salmon. Not only is it good for your heart, it is good for your hair. Salmon contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids that help to keep hair shiny and moisturised. It also has a number of B Vitamins and other minerals that will keep hair healthy.
6. Green Veggies – Your mum told you to eat your veggies as a kid and this is one of the reasons why. She knew that those dark green veggies were good for your hair because they have loads of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are essential in producing sebum. Sebum is a natural conditioner that will prevent dryness.
Eating healthy is essential for beautiful hair. The good news here is that all of the foods mentioned above that will help you to enjoy healthier hair, are actually good for your overall health too. And for those of you looking to drop a few pounds; these foods will fit perfectly into your diet plan.

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