Scalp Scrubs and Exfoliators- Do You Need One?

Product buildup and dry scalp/dandruff are issues that many women encounter at least once in our hair care journeys. A clarifying shampoo will leave your strands squeaky clean, but can sometimes strip your hair of much needed moisture. An alternative option is a monthly scalp scrub. Exfoliating the scalp breaks up all the accumulated gunk that is keeping your scalp from breathing as it should. It stimulates blood flow, promoting a healthy scalp, which leads to healthier hair. There are store-bought formulas that you can purchase, or you can mix up your own recipes. This short video will show you the basics of applying a scalp exfolliant.

Several product lines offer scalp exfolliants, including Jane Carter and ORS should you choose not to make your own formula. It is important that you try to avoid scratching or otherwise irritating your scalp prior to exfoliating, because this could cause further damage. It is also important to apply some sort of oil or other moisturizer to the scalp afterwards to restore balance to the scalp. Here are some indicators that you may be due for a scalp scrub treatment:

  1. Your hair seemed weighed down and lifeless, even after you’ve shampooed.
  2. Your scalp is excessively flaky, even when you haven’t applied product recently.
  3. Lightly scratching your scalp leaves a layer of gunk under your nails.

A scalp scrub is a great way to revitalize your scalp without drying out your hair. Be sure to wash it out thoroughly, so you aren’t left with any sort of granules in your hair. Once a month is usually the ideal frequency to keep your scalp healthy.

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