Have You Been Thinking About Crochet Braids?

 By now, you must have heard about the latest salon craze, crochet braids (sometimes called tree braids). In a nutshell, they are a great protective style that can last you well over a month if cared for properly. The stylist will cornrow your hair, and then extensions of your choice are “crocheted” into the braids using a latch hook or other tool. But are crochet braids for you? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Pros of Crochet Braids:

  • Protective style saves your hair from excessive manipulation and exposure to elements.
  • Can be done in any texture: curly, straight, twists, etc. (It’s all up to the quality of hair used.)
  • Can be cut to any length.
  • Can be installed in any length of hair.
  • Can be styled virtually anyway you want.
  • Don’t require a lot of expensive hair products to maintain.
  • Offer easy access to the scalp for moisturizing and conditioning.
  • Can be installed in any color, no need to blend with your own hair. (Though a leave out is optional.)
  • Styling is as easy as shake and go!
  • Allows your scalp to BREATHE. (Healthy hair is always #1.)

Cons of Crochet Braids:

  • Can look very unnatural if not trimmed after installing.
  • Can appear clumpy if the base braids are sloppy.
  • Can itch if not cleaned periodically.
So now that you’ve considered these important points, it’s time to think about another equally important key to the success of your style. Of course, I’m talking about maintenance. A stylist can make your hair look incredible, but if you go jump into a pool after leaving the salon, don’t expect your fresh style to survive. Here is a great video full of tips to help you get the most longevity out of your crochet braids.

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