5 Popular Hair Methods Explained

So you’ve got a chronic hair issue, right? Maybe it’s split ends, fairy knots, or just general dryness. And all the products you’ve tried don’t seem to be very helpful. So you talk to some friends or you visit a forum online, and people start suggesting these “methods” you’ve never heard of. “Try Cherry Lola! Max Hydration! Curly Girl!”… what? Don’t fret, we’ve collected some brief but thorough explanations of each of these widely practiced hair methods here!

  1. Cherry Lola Treatment- This process uses a yogurt mixture to combat frizz and define curls.
  2. Max Hydration Method– This 5-step method uses clay to help low-porosity hair hold moisture.
  3. Curly Girl Method– This method teaches you to care for your hair without shampoo, because harsh chemicals in many shampoos are not curl-friendly.
  4. Tightly Curly Method– Be ready to purchase stock in your favorite hair conditioner. But, the creator’s hair is down to her hips, so it must work, right?
  5. Caramel Treatment– This concoction uses mostly common kitchen ingredients to give you more manageable hair, relaxed or natural.

While each method is different, one common philosophy rang true: get to know YOUR hair. Any of these processes can be a great start to building your healthy hair regimen, but you have to let your hair be your guide. If you want a little more tangible guidance, schedule a free consultation with a natural hair specialist to get your questions answered.

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