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        As more and more Black women discover the beauty of their naturally kinky hair, the feud between relaxed and natural women of Color is growing at an alarming rate.  While some natural ladies feel as if women who choose to relax their hair are betraying their African roots, relaxed ladies feel that they are constantly under attack by the naturals over their choice to process their hair.   It is a silly debate as well as an unfortunate one especially that over the decades African-Americans have had an on-going riot among themselves over such insignificant issues.   Why should it make a difference how my sister decides to wear her hair?   Would the way she decides make her more or less Black?   When you think of it that way, it does sound ridiculous.

1. The Classic Braid- Classic Braids are also known as Dutch Braids. It may look a bit complicated but is actually easy to make.

Dutch Braid How To:

Simply divide your hair into two sections, tie the other part so you can easily braid the other portion of your hair. Pick up three divided sections of the hair making a crossover. Tie the end with an elastic band and repeat the same steps to the other portion of the hair. After doing so, roll the braid from the end going inwards as if making a bun. Pin the bun using a bobby pin and voila! Dutch Braids on the go.

2. The French Braid – The easiest of all braid styles. A laidback, easy, subtle yet pretty style. This blends well and looks good with a plaid polo and distressed denim shorts.
French Braid How To: 
Since this style is the most common among all braids, only three portions are needed. So to get things going, divide your hair into 3 parts. Starting from the top, cross the left portion over the right or whichever you prefer. After doing so, pick up another portion of the hair and continue doing so until you reach the end of the hair. Tie it with an elastic band. It is that easy. 
3. The Fishtail Braid- The Fishtail Braid or Herring Bone Braid looks like the thinner version of the French Braid. Sure, it looks more sophisticated, stylish and complicated. But this style can be achieved in a snap with a keen eye and nimble fingers. 
Fish Tail Braid How To: 
Divide your hair again into two portions, like that of a pigtail. Start weaving your hair; remember, the thinner the strand, the better the braid will look. You can also start weaving whichever side you prefer, be it left or right, but make sure to do it alternately. And the tighter the braids the better, so no strand of hair is out of place. Continue weaving until you reach the ends of the hair, and secure with an elastic band.

Remember, braids no matter how “basic” they can be; need a lot of patience and practice for you to achieve the look you’re aiming for. Make sure that you are armed with the proper tools: comb, a hair cream to keep the hair in place, elastic bands, and bobby pins to tightly secure the ends of the hair.

Published by Alexis Betterson

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