Long Cornrows Make for a Quick and Easy Protective Style! Here’s How!!

Are you looking for a protective style that will last you several weeks and doesn’t take 2 days to do? Cornrows can be it! They can be done with relaxed OR natural hair, and don’t take 5 packs of hair to do! You can even do them yourself! How convenient is that? So here’s a video showing you exactly how to make it happen:

They look so natural and you can part your hair any way you like to make them extra funky! Just keep these tips in mind:

  1. Add smaller pieces of hair in and add them periodically while you braid for a natural-looking braid that starts small, grows bigger, and then tapers off towards the end.
  2. Part your hair with a rat-tail comb for cleaner lines.
  3. Choose extensions that match your texture! If your hair is relaxed, using marley hair makes no sense! Just keep that in mind when at the hair supply store.
  4. Be gentle with your hair, especially the edges. Braids are protective, but they also will put unnecessary tension on your hair if you pull too tight.
  5. Detangle your hair thoroughly!
  6. It is best to do this on well-moisturized, but not completely wet hair. A little water from a spray bottle is enough.
  7. Finish it off with a little hair mousse or gel to keep the braids nice and neat.
This style can last 3 weeks or more with proper maintenance. Here are a few styles you can do with it! Enjoy!!

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