Team B.A.I.L.E.Y

My trip to Nairobi, Kenya was a life changing experience. My friends and family in the states were surprised to see my status updates from London, UK and Nairobi, Kenya. How did it happen? It’s an awesome testament to the Team B.A.I.L.E.Y. movement. As fascinating as this milestone was in my life (To go to Africa), it was written in the stars that I would take this journey.
My career in the hair business started before I even considered the possibility. My mother opened her first salon in 1985. I used to hate having to go to work with her and help out. I remember as a child her making me sweep floors and take out garbage! Later on in my teens I bought my first pair of clippers to touch up my hair cuts. This grew into me doing my cousins hair and later in college, my fraternity brothers. I denied this opportunity to get in the business because it was so close to me. I had dreams of being a rapper, entrepreneur and even a lobbyist. 
After some trials and tribulations (dropping out of Florida State University and returning home), I started to look around me for opportunity. A light bulb went off as I began to think of opening a barbershop. At this point All Dolled Up Salons was doing well and my mother and father began to promote ADU School of Cosmetology. It was their vision to provide education to the struggling African American salon industry. It was their view that the industry lacked true entrepreneurial and leadership focused education. 
I enrolled in the cosmetology program because there was no barber program at the time. I am thankful for this because it forced me to face the taboo of becoming a male hair dresser. I completed hair school and thought it was the perfect back up plan. Little did I know that this back up plan would take me around the world and fill my life with purpose. 

I eventually completed my undergraduate degree at FAU and also went on to complete my Master of Business at Nova Southeastern University. I’m now 150% committed to changing the hair industry from behind the chair. I believe my journey in college was one based on fear and protected me from the realities of my dreams coming true. I now am an advocate for living your dreams and knocking out fears! My message to anyone who stumbles upon this blog is to stay inspired! I pray that you will find your happiness in your purpose. Life is about the journey not the destination!

                                                     Posted by: Alexis Betterson

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