Lets get Straight to the Point! : Natural Hair hasn’t looked this good in years!

The natural hair explosion in recent years has awoken some health risk with improper use of chemicals from relaxers to keratin treatments. Hair fans have been looking for results and trying anything and everything on the market to get that relaxed look but maintain healthy hair and body. Consumers that are natural and looking for that relaxed look once in a while have been the target of these new products and techniques. The salon silky relaxer look at home can be challenging especially for those with extremely curly textures. Techniques and the products used play a major role in achieving such desired looks have been evolving to meet those demands and expectations. The salon secret is out! A unique technique of silkening and straightening has been created by using certain ceramic tools and products at specialty salons such as All Dolled Up Salons in South Florida. Here’s a few basics commonly overlooked to get that hair vibrancy up to par.

Washing the hair and detangling can be tiring at times, but the end result is always worth it. First shampoo the hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo to rid the hair of any buildup, include a moisturizing shampoo to restore moisture to the hair after cleansing. This process is critical because clean hair gives the most shine. Some shampoos on the market don’t have the power to remove the build up in our external environments. Places like Florida have lots of humidity and tend to be frizz heaven for naturalistas.

Depending on the integrity of the hair as far as lack of moisture, using leaving conditioners such as HYDRATE and HCO, two popular products by Design Essentials hair care, aids in adding instant moisture without weighting the hair down. To detangle, part the hair into section and detangle with a wide tooth comb. Next is blow drying, the objective is to straighten the hair as straight as possible, less work in flat ironing. This is also a key element because the air from the blow dryer activated movement. Use blow dryers with ionic and ceramic technology to assist in smoothing the hair cuticle which increases vibrancy.

1. Always apply heat protectant before flat ironing. HCO is weightless blow drying leave -in conditioner.
2. Ensure that your tools are on the correct setting according to your texture.
3. An silk serum does wonders with NATURAL textures, Apply before and after blow drying. SILK ESSENTIAL by Design Essential gives that silky smooth texture, diminishing frizz, leaving you with a natural shine.
4. The key in flat ironing is to section the hair into small sections and straighten the hair moving from left to right preventing any loose hair from getting in the way.

In some state the humidity can be very disappointing at times, but for those clients who want that versatility with their hair. It’s best to achieve this look in the fall and winter times, why? Less humidity! At home maintenance also requires you to wrap the hair as often as possible and let’s not forget our silk pillow cases to prevent the evaporation of our natural oils while getting your well deserve rest after such beautification.


Tannisha Simone is a stylist for salon and All Dolled Up Salon & Stores in the South Florida market.

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