How to Get the Most from your Salon Consultation

Many salons now offer consultations to give the stylist and the customer an opportunity to learn about each other and get on the same page about the customer’s hair goals. This is an invaluable step on the road to beautiful, healthy hair for any woman. Truthfully, you should never trust your hair to a new stylist without taking this step. You also should never have to pay for a consultation, which is why All Dolled Up Salons offers them for FREE. But how do you get the most out of your meeting with a new stylist?
First off, understand that the consultation is intended to focus on YOU and YOUR HAIR. This means that you must bring enough information to the table to give your stylist a complete picture of what they’re working with. You should come prepared to answer questions like:

  1. A brief hair history- Have you dyed/chemically treated/transitioned/BC’d your hair in the past?
  2. Current maintenance regimen- How often do you shampoo, deep condition, and use heat in your hair?
  3. Your hair goals- Are you looking to gain length? Transition? Maintain a relaxer? Try a new color?
  4. Unique circumstances- Do you have any health issues, sensitivities, or medications that may affect your hair? A stylist can only accommodate what they know about.
  5. Your tastes- What do you like and dislike about your current cut, color, or style?
This information will give your stylist the foundation they need to build a proper plan for your hair. Once you’ve chosen a style, you can expect an explanation about what the styling or care process requires. You will review the products that will be used in your hair, because you should ALWAYS know what is touching your hair. The stylist also has an opportunity to evaluate your hair, which lets them predict how long your actual hair appointment will take. Once you and your stylist are in agreement about your new look, an appointment can be scheduled. Some other great questions for you to ask would be:
  1. What is the best way to maintain my hair at home?
  2. What color or cut would enhance my eyes/face/skin tone? (You may get a suggestion you’ve never thought of before.)
  3. What products are recommended to keep my hair healthy? (All Dolled Up has an online shop where you can order the same exact products we use in the salon.)
  4. How often should I revisit the salon for professional hair care and maintenance? (This may vary according to the current health state of your hair.)
  5. May I see some of your work? (Don’t be too shy to ask to see what the stylist has done for other clients.)
Here is a review of All Dolled Up Salons where a happy customer discusses her thoughts on the consultation process.

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