Sew-In Extensions

A woman’s hair is her greatest accessory. Whether you’re rocking your own natural growth or flaunting a weave, you want your hairstyle to look impeccable. Ladies with round faces looking to sew in their own extensions can attach the extra hair using a basic set of step-by-step instructions. However, to get the fiercest look for your face shape, post sew-in you’ll need to cut and style your hair so it slims your round cheeks and adds length and height.

Steps that need to be taken:

1. Wash and Dry your hair.

2.Select where you want your braided base, then pin up any hair around the area that you’re going to leave out of the weave.

Cornrow your braided base horizontally across your head. Create narrow, flat cornrows for the best results.

4.Use your needle and thread to sew the ends of each braid along the bottom of the cornrow.

5. Start at the back of your head, using your needle and thread, and sew the extensions to each cornrow.

6.Cut the tracks to fit your head after you’ve sewn in the extensions securely. This gives you the most accurate measurement.

7.Style your hair. Round-faced gals look best with cuts that elongate the face and have height at the crown. Short-cropped styles are a great choice. If you opt for longer lengths, stay away from cuts that have layers that hit at the cheek or chin — they make a face look rounder. Stick to long layers for the best results.

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