How to maintain your hair for School

1. Decide the night before on what you want to do. It’s good to have a range of hairstyles or one which you can experiment with. If you can try having a different hair style everyday, you will look stunning and it’s easy. It will make everyone think you have spent a lot of time on yourself and that you respect yourself. Remember to keep things simple. You don’t want a complicated style because it won’t suit school, and you might end up looking strange.

2. For Long Hair: You can do a lot with it. For the days when you really don’t have any time, you can just brush your hair and if there are a few bits that are sticking up, just wet it down and dry it again, then try putting it in different partings. If you want, put it in a plait the night before and take

it out in the morning and your hair will be wavy which is a really appealing for your hair’s length. If you have a little more time on your hands, then curl your hair and put it in loose-side ponytails, or curl random parts and let it be slightly messy or put it up in a messy bun. It also looks real cool if you leave a bit of your fringe in a side parting and the rest of you hair in a high/side pony tail.

3. For Medium-Length Hair: You can’t do as much with it as you can with long hair but you still have some options for making it look fantastic. If you have hardly any time at all, you can put your hair into a messy bun, or just brush it and wear it down. If you got up early and want to be adventurous, then take your straightener and straighten your hair then just at the ends, turn the straightener out so you will get flicks. You could also use your curler or your straighter (whatever you prefer) and curl your hair and make the curls really tight or loose, you could also randomly curl bits of hair and clip you fringe back.

4. For Short Hair: You can spike it up, straighten it or put it back in a bun, that is depending on how short your hair is.

5. Accessorize. This can be important depending on how you use the accessories. Putting a massive flower on your hair for school might be a bad idea: (1) It might get you in trouble (2) It will look ridiculous! You know the saying “Less is more”, well it definitely applies with this!

6. Be Yourself. Be confident on how you look when going to school for a BOOST to your self-esteem. Walk with pride and SMILE!

Published by Alexis Betterson

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