How to wear extensions and keep your hair healthy!! Ask a stylist?

                Hair extensions have become one of the biggest fashion fads today from celebrities, professional woman, to today’s trendsetters. We want them, love them, and wear them! For those who wear extensions, they may struggle with keeping them and their own hair healthy and beautiful over longer periods of time and don’t know what to do. Here are the how to’s for keeping healthy hair and beautiful looking hair extensions.

  Responsible Timing & Scalp Maintenance
It is always important to receive a treatment prior to any extension service and always after to keep hair healthy underneath. I recommend for all my extension clients to keep extensions in for no longer then two and three months maximum and to also get frequent washes with sew-ins.
Healthy Braid Down

Have you lost some hair from your recent extension service? Professionals should know the difference between controlled tension throughout the braid rather than only on the hairline. The braid down is the most important part of the extension service. We want to save our hair not lose it. Even with extensions we also need to consider healthy hair underneath.

You bought it so let’s keep it Beautiful!!

When washing hair, I recommend conditioning extensions from midshaft to ends and shampoo only on the roots. For detangling and leave in conditioner, HCO is my #1 and favorite product to use for extensions. For blow drying, a little Silk essentials and for great shine that will not weigh the hair down Reflections. These products are all a part of the Design Essentials line and will leave your hair nice, flowy and beautiful.

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