How to Make a New Year’s Resolution You Can Stick To

What type of hair and beauty blog would we be if we didn’t discuss New Year’s resolutions? This must be the all time #1 topic that resolutions focus on every year. Everyone says, “This is the year I’m finally going to try that new haircut or lose those 10 pounds.” And 2 weeks into the year, most of us have fallen way off the wagon and given up. So how on earth do you set a resolution that you can keep?

  • Be SPECIFIC- “I will grow healthier hair” means nothing. Put a mission behind it! Give yourself something clear to aspire to. Say “I’m going to deep condition every other week,” or “I’m going to moisturize daily.”
  • Set Checkpoints- Sure, technically December 31, 2015 is your deadline, but that’s an entire year away. Wouldn’t it be nice to hit your goal early and perhaps even surpass it? Divide your goal into monthly or weekly checkpoints so that you can track your progress. Seeing it as it happens is great motivation to make more progress!
  • Remind yourself, OFTEN- Set a weekly reminder on your phone or leave yourself little notes around the house that restate your goals. Particularly in places that you tend to go in that moment of weakness. If you’re always forgetting your satin bonnet at night, leave a note on your pillow that says “Tie your hair up before bed.” Whatever it takes to remind you that you have goals to reach. Make a meme and set it as your screensaver or lock screen!
  • Reward yourself- As you keep your resolution going, treat yourself every time you hit a MAJOR milestone. Say, every 30 days or every time you successfully achieve a new style. Splurge on a new product or hair accessory. And plan a larger reward for when you reach that final goal. A new outfit or spa day will be very deserved after you’ve met your goals.
  • Keep the list short- Part of this depends on just how epic your goals are, but don’t stretch yourself so thin that you can’t possibly achieve them. I think an ideal number is no more than 5 resolutions. If you complete one before the year has ended, by all means replace it with another, but no more than 5 at a time.

So what’s your resolution for the year? Let’s do it big for 2015!

*article revised and adapted from another, previously written article, viewable here.

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