Ever thought about locs? Here’s a temporary alternative!

Introducing: Anthea Rolle 

Anthea is a stylist at All Dolled Up Salons who is now offering temporary locs using…yarn?! Read on for more information:

I love locs. I never used to like them. I used to think they were an excuse to be dirty & not care for your hair. But that was before I joined the beauty industry. Being a hairstylist has opened my eyes to “clean” locs and the art of loc-ing up. Now I love them. I couldn’t loc my own hair, because I’m easily bored with it & I always must change it up, but if I could have locs (the way I like them), just for a little while & then go back to being a curly redhead, I would. So I did! I saw a bunch of pictures on Pinterest of faux locs & loc extensions & I thought this was absolutely PERFECT! There’s various techniques & materials to use when doing faux locs/genie locs. I was torn between the decision to use yarn or Marley hair. Marley hair is nice & the kinky texture would give my locs a more natural appearance. But Marley hair costs about $5-$7 per pack. And I wasn’t really sure how many packs I would need, since I knew I wanted mines really long. So I decided to go with yarn which cost me $3 per bundle (for the very large bundles), and I barely used 2. Yarn wrapping is a long process & does require diligence, patience, & something to take your mind off of how long you’ve been in the mirror wrapping yarn around these braids (Netflix & I were besties). The timeframe for the length & thickness of my desired locs took about 2 days & I am so happy & satisfied with the outcome. I can’t wait to try out all the loc styles with my yarn wraps, such as the loc petals or the pipe cleaners. Don’t forget, I am a hairstylist, so I’m willing and able to transform anyone whose currently suffering from loc-lust but not ready to take the permanent “get-loc’d-up” approach. If you think you’re ready to faux loc-up with me, Let’s Rolle!

For more information, contact All Dolled Up Salons to schedule a consultation with Anthea 

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