Hair Porosity and What it Means for You

Hair porosity is your hair’s natural ability to absorb moisture, or lack thereof. And it’s very important to know where your hair falls on the porosity spectrum, so that you can optimize your hair care routine accordingly. Check out this quick video for a deeper understanding of how your hair works.

If you’ve ever tried to do an oil rinse, and you ended up with more oil down your back than absorbed into your hair, you’ve got low porosity hair. If you could use up half a bottle of your favorite moisturizer and your hair still seems dry, your hair has a very high porosity. These are extremes, of course, and you’re more likely to fall somewhere in the middle, but this means that the same products or techniques that work for someone else will not work for you.

  • Low porosity hair– Your hair cuticles are closed so tightly, they’re not letting anything in. Your best bet is to deep condition periodically with the aid of a little heat to open those cuticles up. Steaming can also be beneficial for your hair. Try to use light products, because anything heavy will just sit on your hair and probably never be completely absorbed.
  • High porosity hair– Your hair cuticles are wide open, and will take anything you give them and beg for more. Be generous with moisturizer, and try to avoid heat. An apple cider vinegar rinse may be helpful to encourage your cuticles to close so that moisture will not escape so easily. The LOC method (also discussed on this blog) is especially important for you, because it creates a seal to help hold moisture in.

If you need help determining your hair porosity, or would like some personalized advice on how to handle it, schedule a free consultation with a specialist who can give you first-hand knowledge.

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