Braid Hair to Keep it Healthy and Clean

One of the ways to keep the hair out of the face is to braid it. In fact, it can be sturdier than having the hair held in a ponytail plus the fact that it is more stylish. But not anybody can do a clean braid. You have to understand the principle behind it. You need to make three or more sections of hair and weave it together. You can modify it or style it the way you want to such as having two five-strand Dutch braids or a combination of one five-strand Dutch braid.

There are many uses for hair braid all over the world. In Africa, it is used to socialize as women form groups to chat while braiding hair. In Europe, it is used to keep the hair clean since most of them do not have the time to clean their hair everyday. For most of the people all over the world, it is used to keep the hair out of the way while you are doing something. Although, these days, it is more style than for function as it helps in keeping the hair beautiful.
It also helps keep the hair healthy as you do not have to wash it everyday because it keeps the hair clean. Thus, there is less exposure to harmful chemicals that shampoos and conditioners have. Do you know that it can also prevent split ends? Thus, if your hair is prone to split ends, braid it to end your hair problems. Last but not the least; it can also save you money especially if you can braid hair by yourself.

Published by: Alexis Betterson

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